In Java We Trust

You know them when you see them-they’re the ones with a mug or to-go cup permanently affixed to their hand. Yes, coffee addicts. Chances are that if you aren’t one, you know someone who is! From single espressos to venti nonfat foamy café mochas, 70% of Americans are hooked.

Coffee is a culinary ritual. It’s the first taste of the day and the afternoon reward. You can take it and run with it – or draw it out slowly, drip by drip – with a beautiful foam and a delicate spoon. It’s the only part of your day that you can really control – and so, if you ask me, it should be as close to perfect as possible.

So how do you reach perfection! You need the right tools of course, and since I know you’re probably still a little blurry starting your day – I’ve made the perfect little bundle for you.